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Paper Digest: NAACL 2019 Highlights


Download NAACL-2019-Paper-Digests.pdf– highlights of all 424 NAACL-2019 papers (.PDF file size is ~0.3M).

Download NAACL-2019-Industry-Paper-Digests.pdf– highlights of all 28 NAACL-2019 industry track papers (.PDF file size is ~0.2M).

The North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL) is one of the top natural language processing conferences in the world. In 2019, it is to be held in Minneapolis, MN. There were ~2,000 paper submissions, of which 424 were accepted. In addition, 28 industry papers are also accepted.

To help AI community quickly catch up on the work presented in this conference, Paper Digest Team processed all NAACL-2019 accepted papers, and generated one highlight sentence (typically the main topic) for each paper. Readers are encouraged to read these machine generated highlights to quickly get the main idea of each paper.

We thank all authors for writing these interesting papers, and readers for reading our digests. If you do not want to miss any interesting AI paper, you are welcome to sign up our free paper digest service to get new paper updates customized to your own interests on a daily basis.

Paper Digest Team