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Category: Physics

Paper Digest: COVID-19 Related Papers (Physics)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Paper Digest Team extracted all COVID-19 papers on our radar, and generated highlight sentences for them. These results are grouped by topics, and sorted by relevance & date.

The article you are reading is on COVID-19 related papers under the topic of "Physics". In addition to this 'static' page, we also provide a real-time version of this article, which has more coverage and is updated in real time. If you like to read more, we encourage you to check out COVID-19 related papers under the other topics.

Highlights of APS-2020 March Meeting

American Physics Society (APS) March meeting is one of the largest physics meetings in the world. In 2020, the meeting was canceled in the last minute due to concerns over the rapid spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, abstracts of all talks scheduled to be presented are online. To help the community quickly catch up on the ...