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The platform to follow, search, rewrite & review scientific literature with no hallucinations

Based in New York, Paper Digest has been dedicated to helping people use the least time to stay current with the latest tech trends, generate tech contents & reason over tech data. Since 2018, millions of users from thousands of universities, companies and government agencies have been using our services to follow, search, rewrite and review scientific literature.

No Hallucinations: For research, every word counts. To avoid generating unjustified results, we offer a “unique” literature review generation solution that does not rely on any large language models (including our own), as their tendency to produce unjustified results is surprisingly high even when provided with search results / PDFs. This solution gives citations for every sentence it generates.

Up-to-Date Data: Paper Digest platform builds on an industry-scale technology knowledge graph with real-time updates from hundreds of sources. All new papers are sorted by potential impact. Subscribers will receive daily updates on latest hot papers in their areas.

Under Your Control: Papr Digest covers papers, as well as patents, grants, clinical trials, software, venues, domain experts and the underlying connections between them. Users can precisely control what sources are to be used for content generation (by choosing research areas, document genres, venues, time ranges, authors, etc.) and if/how large language models should be applied.

Beyond Language Models: Paper Digest does not treat scientific literature as pure text in content generation. Instead subject, impact, sources, authors, references, time frame, etc. also have their roles in the generation process.


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Automatically generate reviews for any given topic.

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Research Copilot

Help you on coding and other tasks through dialog.

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Question Answering

Get answers from the literature and PDF files.

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Rewrite your text: paraphrase, summarize, fact-check, etc.

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Daily Paper Digest

Follow papers by area, author, keyword and receive daily updates.

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Conference Digest

Read digests of papers & code appearing in recent conferences.

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'Best Paper' Digest

Follow the most influential papers from top conferences & journals.

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Topic Tracking

Follow all new papers under a set of trending topics in real-time.

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Find domain experts and their most influential work.

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Review most influential research grants for any topic.

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Review most influential clinical trials under any topic.

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Review most influential patents for any tech area.

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Track papers by area, author & keyword, and receive a one sentence summary for each paper on a daily basis

Daily Highlights (Example)

(Mavi et. al., 2022) aim to provide a general and formal definition of MHQA task, and organize and summarize existing MHQA frameworks. (Xia et. al., 2022) present a medical conversational question answering (CQA) system based on the multi-modal knowledge graph, namely “LingYi”, which is designed as a pipeline framework to maintain high flexibility. Neural passage retrieval is a new and promising approach in open retrieval question answering. (Reddy et. al., 2022) find that it lags behind standard BM25 in this important real-world setting. (Lipping et. al., 2022) introduce Clotho-AQA, a dataset for Audio question answering consisting of 1991 audio files each between 15 to 30 seconds in duration selected from the Clotho dataset [1].


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We summarize each paper in one sentence, users browse all papers from a conference in one hour

2024-05: Digest of all WWW-2024 papers

2024-05: Digest of all ICLR-2024 papers

2023-12: Digest of all EMNLP-2023 papers

2023-10: Digest of all NeurIPS-2023 papers

2023-09: Digest of all ICCV-2023 papers

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2023-08: Digest of all KDD-2023 papers

2023-07: Digest of all SIGGRAPH-2023 papers

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2023-07: Digest of all ACL-2023 papers

2023-06: Digest of all ICML-2023 papers

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2023-05: Digest of all CVPR-2023 papers

2023-04: Digest of all WWW-2023 papers

2023-04: Digest of all ICASSP-2023 papers

2023-04: Digest of all NSDI-2023 papers

2023-02: Digest of all ICLR-2023 papers

2022-12: Digest of all EMNLP-2022 papers

2022-11: Digest of all NeurIPS-2022 papers

2022-10: Digest of all ECCV-2022 papers & code

2022-10: Digest of all MOBICOM-2022 papers

2022-10: Digest of all SIGCOMM-2022 papers

2022-08: Digest of all KDD-2022 papers

2022-07: Digest of all SIGGRAPH-2022 papers

2022-07: Digest of all ICML-2022 papers

2022-07: Digest of all SIGIR-2022 papers

2022-07: Digest of all NAACL-2022 papers

2022-07: Digest of all IJCAI-2022 papers

2022-06: Digest of all CVPR-2022 papers

2022-06: Download code/data for > 600 CVPR-2022 papers

2022-05: Digest of all ACL-2022 papers

2022-05: Digest of all ICASSP-2022 papers

2022-04: Digest of all WWW-2022 papers

2022-03: Digest of all NSDI-2022 papers

2022-02: Digest of all APS-2022 March meeting talks (>10,000)

2022-02: Digest of all AAAI-2022 papers

2022-02: Digest of all ICLR-2022 papers

2021-11: Digest of all NeurIPS-2021 papers

2021-11: Download code/data for > 200 NeurIPS-2021 papers

2021-11: Digest of all EMNLP-2021 papers

2021-10: Digest of all ICCV-2021 papers

More Conference Digests


Paper Digest: WWW 2024 Highlights

The Web Conference (WWW) is one of the top internet conferences in the world. To help the community quickly catch up on the work presented in this conference, Paper Digest Team processed all accepted papers, and generated one highlight sentence (typically the main topic) for each paper. Readers are encouraged to read these machine generated highlights to quickly get the main idea of each paper.

To search or review papers within WWW-2024 related to a specific topic, please use the search by venue (WWW-2024), review by venue (WWW-2024) and question answering by venue (WWW-2024) services. To browse papers by author, here is a list of all authors (WWW-2024). You may also like to explore our "Best Paper" Digest (WWW), which lists the most influential WWW papers since 2001.

Most Influential ECCV Papers (2024-05)

The European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) is one of the top computer vision conferences in the world. Paper Digest Team analyzes all papers published on ECCV in the past years, and presents the 15 most influential papers for each year. This ranking list is automatically constructed based upon citations from both research papers and granted patents, and will be frequently updated to reflect the most recent changes. To find the latest version of this list or the most influential papers from other conferences/journals, please visit Best Paper Digest page. Note: the most influential papers may or may not include the papers that won the best paper awards. (Version: 2024-05)

To search or review papers within ECCV related to a specific topic, please use the search by venue (ECCV) and review by venue (ECCV) services. To browse the most productive ECCV authors by year ranked by #papers accepted, here is a list of most productive ECCV authors.

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