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Systematic Literature Review

Generate a literature review (without hallucinations) around any given topic in seconds

Generate Up-to-Date Reviews without Hallucinations

Our systematic literature review system automatically finds the most influential work (papers, patents, grants, clinical trials) and people around any input topic from hundreds of millions of research documents, analyzes each piece of work, and then writes a fluent paragraph for users to read.

To avoid generating unjustified results, in literature review generation, we offer a solution that does not integrate any large language models (including our own) since their rate to produce unjustified results is surprisingly high even when context (e.g. web search results, user input PDFs) is given. Users can decide if they want large language models to be used or not.

This service serves users from thousands of companies and research institutions each day, and is made possible with our exclusive semantic analysis, text summarization, text generation and machine learning techniques.

Commonly Used Functions

Share review results with collegues
Once you are happy with the result, click on “share results”, you will get the permanent link to the results. This link can be shared with colleagues.