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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to change my interests?

Users can always re-select the interests. In the Signup Form, select your new interests and type in the email and password that you used when you first registered the service. Then click “Subscribe” button. You will receive the¬†updated digests the next business day.


  • I never received any daily digest email, what happened?

Probably when you registered the service, you chose to disable the daily digest service. You can re-enable the service using the following button:

Enable/Disable Daily Service


  • I do not receive daily digest emails on some weekdays, what happened?

There are three possible reasons:
(1) if the areas you signed up are not very active, then it is normal that you do not receive updates everyday.
(2) arxiv.org may not release new papers in time due to holidays or outages. paperdigest.org will send out digest emails as soon as possible (usually the next day).
(3) It is possible that the emails have been blocked by your email service provider. We notice that users using emails from qq.com experience this problem frequently.


  • How are the highlights in the digest emails generated?

Highlights are machine generated using state of the art artificial intelligence techniques (mainly natural language processing and machine learning).


  • I get digests for more than 200 papers everyday, and I cannot read all of them. How can I receive less?

This is the #1 complaint from our daily digest subscribers.
Root Causes: Some areas are active like ‘cs.AI’, so it is expected to see a lot of new papers everyday when multiple such active areas are selected. The problem gets worse in January-March, since deadlines of many conferences fall in this time range.
Solutions: We recommend three solutions:
(1) We always encourage users to narrow down the selected interests (see How to change my interests?). With fewer interests selected, users get fewer updates.
(2) We have a console for users to filter out papers that they are not interested in. Users can login the console page, and then click on /Digest/Current Week or Last Week. This returns all paper updates in the desired time range. These updates are the same as what we sent out in daily digest emails. Users can type in a keyword in “filter” field to only show papers with the desired keyword.
(3) Users can suspend daily digest service using this link. When daily digest service is suspended, users will not receive daily digest emails, but still receive other updates like conference digest notifications. Users can always re-enable this service using the same link.


  • Do you send out digests every day?

Digests are sent out Monday-Friday.


  • Who is running paperdigest.org?

We are a group of researchers and engineers working on machine learning and natural language processing.


  • What services do you provide?

We currently offer two digest services: daily paper digest service (introduced in early 2018 to serve subscribed users) and conference digest service (introduced in mid 2019 to serve public users). We also link to Patent Digest, which tracks and digests patents. In addition, we also offer paper and patent search functions to registered users.


  • Who are using paperdigest.org?

We started paperdigest.org in early 2018. Since then, a large number of people have already used our services. Most of them are professors, researchers and graduate students. Some business men, reporters and investors also subscribed to this service to track most recent research progresses.


  • I forgot my password, how to recover it?

Password can be recovered using the following button:

Recover Password


  • How to change my current password?

Password can be changed using the following button:

Change Password


  • I do not want to receive daily digest emails any more but still like to receive conferences digests and use paper/patent search functions, what can I do?

You can disable/re-enable the daily digest service using the button shown below. If daily digest service is disabled, you will not receive daily updates any more. You can always re-enable it.

Enable/Disable Daily Service


  • How to cancel the service?

You can cancel the service any time using the following button:

Cancel Service


  • How to contact paperdigest.org?

All other questions, requests and comments can be sent to team@paperdigest.org.