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Proud to help professors, researchers and students save 30 minutes everyday


PROBLEM TO ADDRESS: It is a daily job for researchers and businessmen to track and read new research papers in their interested areas. Such work could usually take long hours to finish and involve reviewing information from multiple sources.

MISSION: We are dedicated to helping people easily track academic research progresses. Our goal is to send each subscriber a list of papers published in the previous day, and help subscribers quickly decide which paper is a must-read.

SOLUTION: Our technology, by leveraging the state of the art artificial intelligence techniques, is able to track and analyze all new papers uploaded to Arxiv and published on selected conferences, and then generate a one sentence summary for each paper to capture the paper highlight.


We track academic research progresses in real time.


We analyze all recent papers, and extract the main ideas.


We send each subscriber a daily paper digest on the fields that they subscribe.


Daily Paper Digest

Receive daily paper digest customized to your interests via email.

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Conference Paper Digest

Check out digests of papers & code published in recent conferences.

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Interested in receiving a one sentence summary of every new paper in your area? Join us as tens of thousands of other people!