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Knowledge graph & natural language processing platform tailored for technology domain

MISSION: Based in New York, Paper Digest has been dedicated to helping people stay current with the latest tech trends, generate contents based on facts & reason over unstructured data since 2018. Users from thousands of universities and companies use our services daily to search, review, get answers, and more.

TECH: Different from black-box models, our platform builds on “semantics”, which means our content generation process does not make stuff up. With exclusive deep learning & natural language processing (NLP) techniques,  we offer general solutions to search, summarization, conversation, question answering and content generation.

DATA: We maintain a large-scale, high quality data corpus with real-time update. Our corpus contains hundreds of millions of papers, patents, grants, clinical trials. It also has business/financial data on products, company filings, company financials & business activities (investments, m&a, etc.), people profiles, organization profiles, etc. Internally, all data is fully connected in a knowledge graph and used to infer the “missing links” between scientific & technological progresses and business & financial activities.

ALL-IN-ONE: Our platform provides a one-stop solution for users (1) to rewrite text for multiple purposes and (2) to search, track & review papers, patents, government grants, clinical trials, open-source software, 100M tech experts and explore the connections between them.


Literature Review

Automatically generate reviews for any given topic.

Literature Review

Search Engine

Search & connect papers, patents, codes & grants.

Literature Search

Question Answering

Answer science / technology questions with references.

Question Answering

Text Rewriter

Rewrite your text: paraphrase, summarize, etc.

Text Rewriter


Daily Paper Digest

Track papers by area, author, keyword and receive daily updates.

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Conference Digest

Read digests of papers & code appearing in recent conferences.

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'Best Paper' Digest

Track the most influential papers from top conferences & journals.

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Topic Tracking

Track all new papers under a set of trending topics in real-time.

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Talent Search

Search for 100M experts by skill, venue, name, etc.

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Reviewer Search

Search for experts to review papers and grants.

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Clinical Trials

Review most influential clinical trials under any topic.

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Intellectual Property

Review most influential patents for any tech area.

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Track papers by area, author & keyword, and receive a one sentence summary for each paper on a daily basis

Daily Highlights (Example)

(Mavi et. al., 2022) aim to provide a general and formal definition of MHQA task, and organize and summarize existing MHQA frameworks. (Xia et. al., 2022) present a medical conversational question answering (CQA) system based on the multi-modal knowledge graph, namely “LingYi”, which is designed as a pipeline framework to maintain high flexibility. Neural passage retrieval is a new and promising approach in open retrieval question answering. (Reddy et. al., 2022) find that it lags behind standard BM25 in this important real-world setting. (Lipping et. al., 2022) introduce Clotho-AQA, a dataset for Audio question answering consisting of 1991 audio files each between 15 to 30 seconds in duration selected from the Clotho dataset [1].


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Paper Digest: ICLR 2023 Highlights

Download ICLR-2023-Paper-Digests.pdf- highlights of all ICLR-2023 papers. Readers can search these papers by keywords using ICLR-2023 Search Console. To browse papers by author & read each author's notable work review writen by our machine, here is a list of top ICLR-2023 authors. You may also like to explore our "Best Paper" Digest (ICLR), which lists the most influential ICLR papers.The International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) is one of the top machine learning conferences in the world.

To help the community quickly catch up on the work presented in this conference, Paper Digest Team processed all accepted papers, and generated one highlight sentence (typically the main topic) for each paper. Readers are encouraged to read these machine generated highlights / summaries to quickly get the main idea of each paper.

Paper Digest: Recent Papers on ChatGPT

Paper Digest Team extracted all recent ChatGPT related papers on our radar, and generated related features for each of them. The results are sorted by relevance & date. ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3 family of large language models, and is fine-tuned with both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques. In addition to this static page updated bi-weekly, we also provide an online version of this article, which is updated on a daily basis to include the most recent work on this topic.

Interested in receiving a one sentence summary of every new paper in your area? Join us as tens of thousands of other people!