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About Paper Digest

About Us
We are a New York based research group working on text analysis. We were founded in 2018 by Dr. Chang Wang. Our mission is to produce high quality text analysis results that people can actually use on a daily basis.
Currently, we offer four services related to research paper analysis:

A fairly complicated text analysis Platform has been built to support our services. The platform contains:

  • a central knowledegebase storing tens of millions of documents;
  • several search components providing paper and patent search results;
  • a number of site crawlers tracking new papers and other related documents in real-time;
  • a pipeline with dozens of built-in natural language processing and machine learning components to analyze documents. For example,  we have more than 5 different algorithms that can be applied to generate highlights from research papers: from rule-based to transformer-based.


  • team@paperdigest.org
  • 261 Madison Avenue 9th floor, New York, New York, 10016