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Expert Tracking

Get daily updates on new papers, patents & grants by the experts you are tracking

Get daily updates on new work by the people you track

If you already have an account with us, then simply add expert names to the tracking list and receive updates in “daily digest emails”. For people who do not want to receive daily emails, they can choose to access such daily updates or full update online.

If you do not have an account, here is a tool to locate “direct links” to track experts by venue, keyword, coauthor and year. Such links are permanent and can be used on one’s homepage. Here are some examples: (1) Andrew Ng’s research work, (2) Andrew Ng’s publications at ICML, (3) Andrew Ng’s publications related to neural network published at ICML.

Get Updates via Emails / Online

01 Service Signup

Sign up Paper Digest (if you haven not). Our default setting is to send you all new papers under the categories you signed up with daily. You can change it to only sending expert tracking results.

02 Add experts

To add experts to your tracking list, please visit update interests page (login required). You can also add experts by clicking on “follow this author” on their profile pages or i-Search pages.

03 Get daily updates

In daily digest emails, you will receive papers by the experts you are tracking (marked with *). You can also access such papers online under tracking results (example).

04 Get all updates

Users can access (Signin required) all updates (papers, patents & grants) released in the most recent year from all authors on the tracking list.

Get Updates via Direct Links (Examples)

To locate direct links, click ``Tracking Links`` button at the top of this page